We Are Open For Business

Visit Binq Today at Embarcadero and Montgomery BART Stations

Today, we’re excited to announce our new commuter experience ecosystem, which provides exclusive offers and convenient services and amenities for people traveling through the Bay Area public transit system. We’ve installed our pods on the concourse level of the Embarcadero and Montgomery BART and Muni stations, so anyone in the near vicinity can stop by for a visit--even without a ticket to ride.

Blinq pods will host a rotating selection of pop up shops and happenings that help people take care of errands, discover new products and unearth cultural finds. To kick off, we’ve partnered with several outstanding local businesses. Grubmarket, a purveyor organic farm-to-table foods; Greener Cleaners, an eco-friendly dry cleaning service; and EO, Sausalito-based provider of organic personal care essentials. So you can get discounts on food, drop off your dry cleaning, and sanitize your hands.

The pods work in conjunction with the blinq app, which provides a way for you to get notified about exclusive offers and giveaways, as well as browse items available in the pods. In the future, the app will add several key features, including the ability to pre-order meals and products, information on local events and charitable opportunities, and a loyalty program that ties the whole blinq experience together.

Intrigued? Download the app and visit us today!

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