What’s All This About Turfing

Busking--or performing in public for gratuities--happens in every major culture around the world and dates back to the beginning of recorded history. We’re sure you’ve noticed plenty of types of entertainers as you traverse the Bay on public transit. If you’ve ridden BART during off-commute hours, chances are you’ve come across one of our favorites: Turf dancers. These contortionists make use of the train’s bars and handles to perform acrobatic dance moves in-motion. We’re always delighted when we end up in a car with them. As MTV News shares, even Kendrick Lamar is a fan--he featured some of the best turfers in the Bay in his new video for "Alright" (disclaimer: the video features strong language and imagery).

Turfing originated as a style of street dance in Oakland in the late 90s, and gets its roots from the Oakland Boogaloo Movement, which dates back to the 60s. For an up close and personal look, check out the video below.

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