blinq Life Hacks: Green Your Closet with Organic Cotton

Brought to you by Greener Cleaners

People ask us all the time: How can I green my closet? Buying high-quality clothes and caring for them without toxic products is probably number one. That’s where you can count on Greener Cleaners to use only truly green methods to clean your clothes. And now it’s even easier to green your dry cleaning: just drop off your items at a blinq pod located at Montgomery and Embarcadero BART stations and let our Concierge take care of you.

But when clothes do eventually wear out, what’s the most sustainable way to replace them? Which fabrics, sources, and processes are best for our health and shared planet? There are some good choices out there. Let’s start with organic cotton.

Cotton is the most widely used fabric in the world. It's comfortable, breathable, and easy to care for. Unfortunately, these days most cotton production involves heavy use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. To keep your footprint on the planet to a minimum, you might want to consider learning more about organic cotton. These sites are a great place to start: Patagonia, Organic Cotton Plus, or Ethical Fashion Forum.

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